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Sub-specialities include: ADHD, substance abuse, depression,

anxiety, co-dependency, PTSD and INTERVENTIONS!

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"Until one is committed, 

there is hesitancy, the 

chance to draw back" 


Helping you find ways to be happier, more successful, more balanced, and more fulfilled in Life, Work, School, Relationships, Health and Spirituality!

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​Rebecca Smith, MEd, PCC

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•  Are you thrilled with your lifestyle, your career, your finances?

•  Are your relationships fulfilling and loving?

•  Are you searching for more peace, happiness and joy?

•  Do you want to feel connected to your spiritual self?
•  Do you want to be free of codependency, enabling?

•  Are you coping with a health issue? Diabetes, heart disease?

•  Are you emotionally stuck? Maybe in past relationships?

•  Were you impacted by another's abuse or addiction?

If you find yourself wondering about any of these questions,
or simply feeling stuck in another area, maybe just needing support. Call me. I use a holistic approach.