I am a former marketing executive and entrepreneur who reinvented as a life coach. I have successfully launched three businesses, raised four professionally successful children, and created several different careers paths for myself (real estate investor, executive recruiter, publisher, behavioral health counselor, yoga therapist). 

I overcame growing up in a chaotic home environment. I  was a single mother at age 23. I lived four years in a Yoga International Community where I learned to teach yoga and meditation. I studied with Native American Elders, using the Medicine Wheel. I am married to a wonderful man, who is a retired sociology professor, and life coach.

I was the first person certified through Fielding Graduate University's Evidenced Based Coaching for Personal Development program in 2014. I completed Crossroads  Coach training program in 2011. My Masters in Education in Instructional Design is from Western Governors University. I did coursework in Behavioral Health at NW Indian College and Edmonds Community College which led to licensure in WA State as a Chemical Dependency Professional. I took Yoga Teacher Certification training at Ananda School for Yoga and Meditation in Northern CA. I am a graduate of Eastern Washington University with a minor in Communication.




I offer: 

 - Life Coaching

 - Executive Coaching

 - Recovery Life Coaching




I work by telephone, video conference 

I use my professional background, educational achievements and interpretive skills to inspire you through the process of change while staying focused on achieving your personal development goals! My expertise is in designing new ways to address the stress that is affecting you physically, emotionally, and mentally. I am a former executive who reinvented myself as an evidenced-based coach.

Rebecca’s background makes her exceptionally adept as a Tucson Life Coach

Life Coach Tucson

​Rebecca Smith, MEd, PCC

​The Art of Positive Psychology*

Rebecca Smith, MEd, PCC


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Helping you find ways to be happier, more successful, more balanced, and more fulfilled in Life, Work, School, Relationships, Health and Spirituality!

Sub-specialities include: ADHD, substance abuse, depression,

anxiety, co-dependency, PTSD and INTERVENTIONS!